The Helmet challenges for 2021 have been announced

The Helmet libraries set new Helmet challenges related to books, music, games and films to be completed in 2021. Would you like to start a new hobby, re-invigorate an old passion or be inspired by these themes? If you answered yes to one or more questions, these challenges are ideal for you!

The purpose of the Helmet challenges is to encourage people to read books, listen to music, play games and watch films more extensively than before but without the pressure of the need to accomplish anything. These challenges cannot be failed, but they can inspire you throughout the year.

Helmet Reading Challenge and Little Helmet Reading Challenge

Helmet Reading Challenge encourages people to pick up a book. The challenge consists of 50 themes that the participants can use to pick something to read throughout the year. The themes can be related to the topic, name or author of a book. The themes are not strict rules, however. Instead, each participant can decide how to interpret them. 

This year, the Helmet Reading Challenge in Finnish is also available in a plain language version.

As the name implies, the Little Helmet Reading Challenge is a smaller challenge with 25 themes. This reading challenge is particularly designed for children and young people in cooperation between librarians and teachers. Adults who do not want to take on the challenge with 50 themes can also take part in this challenge. All the themes of the Little Helmet Reading Challenge are also included in the larger challenge.

Learn more about the reading challenges:

Discussions about both reading challenges are ongoing in the Helmet Reading Challenge Facebook group.

Helmet Music Challenge

The Helmet Music Challenge offers an interesting trip into the wonderful world of music. The challenge consists of 50 themes, and the idea is to listen to music you are unfamiliar with based on these themes throughout the year. The Helmet Music Challenge is designed not to limit your choices too much but to be diverse and leave enough room for different alternatives. It is intended to motivate you to make open-minded explorations in music and have new listening experiences that broaden your mind. You can complete the challenge the way that suits you best, by going to a concert or a gig or listening to records or the radio. 

Learn more about the music challenge:

You can discuss the challenge in the Helmet Music Challenge Facebook group. You can also ask for tips on how to complete the challenge and share your ideas. The group is administrated by music library workers. Let’s get inspired by music together! 

Helmet Game Challenge

Are you suffering from game anaemia or would you like to try something new that does not necessarily match your current preferences? Take part in the Helmet Game Challenge!

The purpose of the game challenge is to play 24 games in a year and to select the games according to the themes of the challenge. You do not have to complete the games, unless you want to set such a personal challenge. Although the name of the challenge is Helmet Game Challenge, anyone can take part, regardless of whether or not they have played any games previously! If you accept the challenge, remember that the purpose is to increase the joy of gaming and not cause stress related to gaming. You can decide the order in which you complete the challenge based on your gaming schedule and motivation. Feel free to optimise and customise the challenge! You can complete the themes of the challenge with any kind of game! 

Learn more about the game challenge:

You can discuss the challenge, look for games to complete the challenge and share your tips in the Helmet Game Challenge Facebook group. It is also a handy platform to keep record of your progress. 

Use the hashtags #pelihaaste or #pelihelmet to share your stories about the challenge.

Welcome aboard! Let’s start gaming! 

Helmet Film Challenge and Little Helmet Film Challenge

The purpose of the Helmet Film Challenge is to watch 50 films in a year and to select the films according to the challenge’s themes. You can re-watch your favourite films or open your mind to new experiences. The purpose of the film challenge is to make your film hobby more enjoyable and in-depth.

The Little Helmet Film Challenge is a smaller challenge with 25 themes. The Little Helmet Film Challenge is designed particularly for children and young people, but also works well for adults. Step into the world of films with us!

Learn more about the film challenges:

You can discuss the film challenges in the Helmet Film Challenge Facebook group.