The first-grader campaign is a fun way to support children who are learning to read

The Helmet libraries will donate a book to every first-grader in Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa.  Children who speak Swedish or Russian as their mother tongue will receive a gift book in their own language. Everyone else will get a book written in Finnish. In the school year 2020–2021, the gift book in Finnish is the children’s poetry book Kuutarhuri

The first-grader campaign is a fun way to support children who are learning to read and to encourage families to read and visit the library together.

This year, the Finnish-language gift book for first-graders is Kuutarhuri by Tuukka Sandström and VarpuEronen. The book is published by AVAIN. Here’s what Publishing Manager Tiina Aalto from Avain had to say about the cooperation between the Helmet libraries and Avain: “The first-grader campaign is a wonderful way to inspire children at the beginning of their school journey to read. Kuutarhuri is an enchanting and fun book that introduces first-graders to poetry. I am especially pleased that a poetry book was selected for the campaign this year.”

See the author’s and illustrator’s greetings to readers (in Finnish).

Speakers of Swedish and Russian will receive books in their own language

Swedish-speaking and Russian-speaking first-graders will be given books in their own language. The Swedish-language book is Lätt att läsa fakta: Jordens underjordiska platser, written by Jens Hansegård and published by Bonnierförlagen. The Russian-language gift book is Uroki smeha by L. Kaminski. The book is published by Enas-kniga.

First-graders speaking Finnish or any other languages will all get Kuutarhuri in Finnish.

The language and illustrations of all the gift books are suitable for both children who are learning to read and adults who want to read the book aloud to their children. 

How to obtain the gift book? 

You can pick up the gift from your local library or a mobile library in exchange for the invitation card distributed at school. The books may be picked up with the teacher during a class visit to the library, but the teacher may also assign the library visit as homework. If a child does not yet have a library card, he or she can get one by visiting the library with a guardian. The guardian will be responsible for the card.  

The Finnish-language gift book available as an audiobook for the print-disabled  

Celia, an expert in accessible publications, has produced a free audiobook of the Finnish-language campaign book. To listen to the book, a child must have a user ID for Celia’s online service. You can ask for an ID from the library. Celia’s books are intended for anyone who finds it difficult to read a normal book due to dyslexia, illness, disability or similar reasons.