You can vote in advance in library

You can vote in advance in the parliamentary elections in many of the Metropolitan area libraries.  Advance voting in Parliamentary Elections takes place 22.–28.3.2023.  

In Parliamentary Elections you can vote in advance in many of the Helmet libraries. List of advance polling stations in libraries by the city:


  • Entresse library
  • Iso Omena library (asiointipiste)
  • Kauklahti library
  • Sello library (asiointipiste)


  • Arabianranta library
  • Central Library Oodi 
  • Etelä-Haaga library
  • Itäkeskus library
  • Jakomäki library
  • Kannelmäki library
  • Kontula library
  • Laajasalo library
  • Lauttasaari library
  • Malmi library
  • Maunula library
  • Myllypuro library
  • Oulunkylä library
  • Paloheinä library
  • Pasila library
  • Pitäjänmäki library
  • Pohjois-Haaga library
  • Suutarila library
  • Tapulikaupunki library
  • Töölö library
  • Vallila library
  • Viikki library
  • Vuosaari library


  • Hakunila library
  • Kivistö library
  • Koivukylä library
  • Lumo library / monitoimikeskus
  • Länsimäki library
  • Martinlaakso library
  • Myyrmäki library

There are many polling stations besides the libraries. The list of all the polling stations can be found on the following The list of advance polling stations can also be found on the notification card sent to each voter.

Plain language: How to vote in advance (Ministry of Justice)

Voting on the actual polling day

On the actual polling day 2.4.2023 you can vote only on your own polling station. Your own polling station is indicated on the notification card.

Some libraries are open as polling stations on the polling day 2.4. from 9 am to 8 pm. 

Plain languate: How to vote in the elections (Ministry of Justice)

Election events on Helmet:

Election and polling events on Helmet events calendar (in Finnish).

Additional information on parliamentary elections and voting:

Translation: Antti S. Mäkinen
Kuva: Johannes Jansson /, CC 2.5 Danmark