HelMet Elämysmatkat lippu etupuoli

A HelMet Tour ticket takes you on an adventurous journey

HelMet Tours sets up its office in various events. A HelMet Tour ticket takes you on a journey into themes built around literature, music, movies, and games. The top-quality tours are planned by the libraries' adventure professionals, and the selection is updated on a regular basis.

HelMet Tours aka. HelMet literary travel agency is a playful adult booktalk and library marketing concept developed by Vantaa City Library.

Booktalks are usually conducted in a classroom setting for children. It is more challenging to motivate adult readers to participate in a booktalk. HelMet literary travel agency is an example of an easy way to approach adult customers for a booktalk. It is also an example of a portable method of marketing the library outside library context.

At the "travel agency" customers are asked to take part in a free literary travel raffle where every ticket wins. The "travel destinations" were a set of reading lists selected by library staff e.g. Trip to your self, Trip to Fantasmagoria (scifi & fantasy) and Trip around the world. Each packcage consists of eight books per  theme.

The HelMet Tours - literary travel agency was originally created for the Wellness and Health Fair, which was organised in Vantaa in autumn 2011. 

And remember, when you get on our tour – hang on to your HelMet! :)


HelMet= Helsinki Metropolitan Area Public Libraries, also pearls (or a pearl neclace) in Finnish