Helmet Film Challenge 2019

The first ever Helmet Film Challenge is published.

The newest member of the Helmet Challenge family, the long-awaited Film Challenge is finally here. The Film Challenge invites and challenges you to broaden your horizons and to look for new experiences on film: the classics, cult favorites – or perhaps, the films that you have been meaning to watch for a long time.

The Film Challenge is a playful and joyful watching project where you choose films to watch from the list of 50 different subjects. Anyone can take part. You can proceed at your own pace or you can follow the given order week by week. You can re-watch your favorite film, or you can step out of your comfort zone and exposure yourself to something new and unfamiliar – it’s up to you!

The Film Challenge is about sharing. It’s more fun to tackle the watching project with other people and you are heartily encouraged to ask your friends to join the Helmet Film Challenge Facebook group where you can talk about the most intense, bizarre, and gripping films you watch during the year. Mind you, the discussions are mostly in Finnish, but you can also start one in English.

Having problems of finding suitable films for the challenge? Go visit your library or check the Film Challenge Facebook group. The library staff or other participants will help you.

Let the movies move you – take up the Film Challenge!

Helmet Film Challenge 2019

1. Film based on a classic novel

2. Film where the plot revolves around a search for a person or thing

3. Film you wouldn’t normally watch

4. Film that was the only film a director ever made

5. Film that has been nominated for a Jussi Award

6. Documentary film

7. Film takes place somewhere you’ve visited

8. Watching this film is part of general knowledge everyone should have

9. Film recommended to you by someone over the age of 50

10. Film directed by a person of color

11. Film deals with the topic of women’s rights issues

12. Film is about Denmark

13. Finnish film made for children or teens

14. Film where the screenwriter’s last name begins with the same letter as yours

15. Film that deals with a taboo topic

16. Film where the story moves between the real world and a fantasy realm

17. Film that has twins in it

18. Film was directed by an Asian director

19. You dislike the Finnish name the film has

20. Film is about a culture previously foreign to you

21. Film directed by a famous actor/actress

22. Black and white film

23. Film chosen at random from the library shelf

24. Film with a dog in it

25. Film deals with solitude

26. Episode film by several directors

27. Independent film

28. Film banned somewhere in the world

29. Short film

30. Film recommended to you by a librarian

31. Silent film

32. 1950s Hollywood film

33. Superhero film

34. Film that is longer than 3 hours

35. New wave French film

36. Film that has more than five people on the cover

37. Film has won an Oscar for Best Picture

38. Film with an IMDb-rating lower than 5

39. Horror film that critics love

40. Film that has won an award at Cannes Film Festival

41. Film where supernatural phenomenon are studied

42. Film takes place in a fantasy world

43. Film came out in 2019

44. Film starring your favourite actor/actress

45. Spanish film

46. Comedy film from 1980s

47. Film recommended to you by someone under the age of 18

48. Film where the director plays the lead

49. Film that is a co-production by two or more countries

50. Christmas film


Facebook group (discussion mostly in Finnish) 

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Киновызов Helmet 2019

Photo: Cinema Paradiso (Giuseppe Tornatore 1988, distribution Future Film).