Helmet Film Challenge 2023

The Film Challenge invites and challenges you to broaden your horizons and to look for new experiences on film: the classics, cult favorites – or perhaps, the films that you have been meaning to watch for a long time.

The Film Challenge is a playful and joyful watching project where you choose films to watch from the list of 50 different subjects. Anyone can take part. You can proceed at your own pace or you can follow the given order week by week. You can re-watch your favorite film, or you can step out of your comfort zone and exposure yourself to something new and unfamiliar – it’s up to you!

The Film Challenge is about sharing. It’s more fun to tackle the watching project with other people and you are heartily encouraged to ask your friends to join the Helmet Film Challenge Facebook group where you can talk about the most intense, bizarre, and gripping films you watch during the year. Mind you, the discussions are mostly in Finnish, but you can also start one in English.

Having problems of finding suitable films for the challenge? Go visit your library or check the Film Challenge Facebook group. The library staff or other participants will help you.

Let the movies move you – take up the Film Challenge!

Helmet Film Challenge 2023 

  1. A film released in 1973 
  2. The first film adaptation of a book 
  3. A film starring an EGOT winner 
  4. A film that features tap dancing 
  5. A film that features borrowing 
  6. A film with a title of at least five words 
  7. A film that features a wedding 
  8. A film set in Berlin 
  9. A foreign film showing a Finnish product 
  10. A spy film 
  11. A film that features a rabbit 
  12. A film relating to Ireland 
  13. A film with a relative in its title 
  14. A film that won the Academy Award for Best Music 
  15. Your friend’s favourite or least favourite film 
  16. A black-and-white film made in the 21st century 
  17. A film where a tree falls 
  18. A film that features revenge 
  19. A film whose main character has health problems 
  20. A film relating to South Africa 
  21. A film where the same actor plays several characters or one character is played by several actors 
  22. A film where someone signs an agreement 
  23. A cartoon animation 
  24. A film where people speak a language you do not know 
  25. A film where people comb their hair 
  26. A film containing technology that does not yet exist 
  27. A film starring Vesa-Matti Loiri 
  28. A film whose title includes punctuation or a special character 
  29. A film that features a poem 
  30. A film whose title you like 
  31. A film that features sign language 
  32. A film that features theatre-making 
  33. A film in which scents/smells are important 
  34. A film where someone goes into a basement 
  35. A film that features someone pooping 
  36. A film that features a fantasy animal 
  37. The lead actor is a woman over 50 
  38. A film that mostly takes place at night 
  39. A film set in the Arctic region 
  40. A film that takes place in the autumn 
  41. A film that features a single parent 
  42. A film that features running 
  43. A film whose soundtrack you like more than the film itself 
  44. A film that features a witch 
  45. A film with eye-catching special effects 
  46. A film where someone is writing a letter 
  47. A film directed by Jean-Luc Godard 
  48. A film where someone is decorating a tree 
  49. A film released in 2023 
  50. Staff recommendation 

A printable version of the film challenge (PDF) 

Facebook group (discussion mostly in Finnish) 

Helmet Film Challenge in other languages:

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In Swedish: Helmets filmutmaning 

In Russian: Киновызов Helmet  

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