Helmet Game Challenge 2022

It all started with a reading challenge in 2015. Helmet challenges are playful, social, and an inspiring way of using cultural content. This is the game challenge.

What Game Challenge?

In the Helmet Game Challenge your mission is to play 24 games during the year 2022. The games can be chosen freely to fulfill the 24 criteria from the challenge.

Who can participate?

Although the challenge is organized by Helmet Libraries any game enthusiast from anywhere can take on the challenge. All participants are also welcome to join the conversation about games and playing in “Helmet-pelihaaste” FB-group.

What if I run into some trouble?

Remember that when you take on a game challenge, the goal is to add joy in the hobby. If you experience stress from the challenge you are doing something wrong. Keep your own schedule and do the challenge on your own terms.

Can I optimize?

Do you want to cross off many challenges from the list with just one game? Or do you want to skip some challenges entirely? Maybe you want to see how many challenges can be done with a role-playing game? You can! The idea is to give inspiration and joy to gaming, so bending the rules to your liking is totally ok.

Share the challenge!

It is tons of fun to do the challenge together with others. Feel free to take on your friends and family in the Helmet-game challenge. You can also join our FB-group and find other people doing the challenge, you can exchange some tips and tricks or just share the loveliest and most horrifying game experiences from the challenge throughout the year. 

We are here to help!

Having trouble finding a game for a specific part of the challenge? Don’t worry, help is here!  Head in to your nearest library or our FB-group or share with the hashtag #pelihelmet and let us and other participants help you on your way!  

You have a new quest! Game On!

#pelihelmet #pelihaaste

Helmet Game Challenge 2022:

1.  A game where you get to do a daily chore

2.  A game that can be played from start to finish on a coffee break

3.  A game you would have liked to have ended differently

4.  A game you only discovered after someone recommended it to you

5.  A game where the waves rock a ship

6.  A game with servers that have been running for more than 10 years

7.  A game featuring a banker

8.  A game from another decade

9.  A game that includes typical game clichés

10. A game where you get to play as an elderly character

11. A game featuring a desert

12. A game with varying weather

13. A game where you usually suffer an epic loss

14. A game where you get to utilise your visual eye

15. A game with a protagonist who at the start of the game is an innocent bystander

16. A game that gave you a new appreciation of nature

17. A game where you get to play as a child character

18. A game where you can cheat

19. A game where a recurring routine is formed

20. A game featuring snow and frost

21. A game that you found disappointing

22. A game featuring a tall tower

23. A game featuring miserable conditions

24. A game that is abstract

Printable version of Helmet Game Challenge (PDF) 


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Game Challenge in Russian 

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