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Library Reading Coach

Library Reading Coaches will help you find something good to read. They will make you a personal list of books to suit your needs. NOTE! Due to the coronavirus epidemic, face-to-face appointments are not scheduled for the time being, but reading coaches serve by email as normal, and we’re happy to help you find something to read in your e-books and e-audiobooks as well.

Who is the service suitable for?

For everyone, regardless of reading ability or areas of interest. Reading coaches mainly hint at adult literature: children and young people (and others interested in children's and young people's literature) have their own Reading Coach Junior service.

Why the service is worth a try?

Reading coaching is for you if you don't come up with or have time to find something to read for yourself, you want to expand your favorite knowledge of the genre of your favorite literature, or even get to know a completely new genre of literature.

Who are the Reading Coaches?

They are library professionals familiar with literature.

How does the service work?

Fill out an online entry form asking about your reading habits, or email your wishes to the Reading Coach.

The coach will contact you and, if necessary, map your wishes in more detail. He will then make a list and descriptions for you of the books that suit your needs. You will receive a list with descriptions as an email.

It is also possible to arrange a separate meeting with the Reading Coach, where the Reading Coach will present the works of his or her choice to you. If you would like a personal meeting, please contact us by email.

How do I contact a Reading Coach?

Answer the initial survey: Questionnaire for Reading Coaching

OR contact us by email:

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"Yesterday I tried the Reading Coach service of Kallio Library. Wow experience!"- Maria Rantamaula

" I can highly recommend the service of a reading coach. Personally, I wanted to get acquainted with domestic literature published before the 21st century. I got a lot of good tips and the two recommended ones I already had time to read have agreed like a nose to the head. " -Linnea / Kujerruksia