Little Helmet Reading Challenge 2022

The reading challenge is about the excitement of hunting for a suitable book, play, discovery and enthusiasm. This year, you can look for books featuring snow, ice, a friend or a dream that will come true, for example.

The Little Helmet Reading Challenge focuses on items of the Helmet Reading Challenge for which books can be found in the children’s and young people’s section. The Little Helmet Reading Challenge is also suitable for adults who want to choose a slightly lighter reading load.

Search, explore and make discoveries

There are many ways to find the right books for the challenge items. Going through the shelves in the library, can you find a book with chapter titles? What would be a good search word for a book whose events you would like to participate in? Choose books to suit your taste and share your good finds with friends.

Complete the challenge in the way you prefer. A class that participates in the challenge can agree on its own, common rules. You can challenge another class, school or even the parents of your class.

Do you need more book tips?

Are you having trouble finding a suitable and interesting book? You can also ask the Reading Coach for help. With the help of an adult, you can also ask in the lively Facebook group of the reading challenge and the Kirjastokurre Instagram account.

On your mark, get set, read!

A good reader gets along. As you read, you learn to understand a wide range of texts and find words for your own stories. You will understand different emotions, other people and history, and know about different times, places and customs.

It is never too late to improve your reading skills. You will grow to be a good reader as long as you practise. Choose books that suit you. Once you complete the reading challenge, you will be many pages stronger.

1. A book combining fact and fiction
2. A book where ice or snow plays a major role
3. A book about friendship
4. A book with events in which you would like to be involved in
5. A book with events in which you would not like to involved in
6. A book by an author whose work you have never read before
7. A book where something that is lost, or thought to be lost, is found
8. A book with a title you find boring
9. A poetry book published within the last five years
10. A children’s or young adult’s book published in the 2000s
11. A book about a historical event
12. A book about a topic you want to learn more about
13. A book with chapters with titles
14. A book with characters who have supernatural abilities
15. A book that relates to your childhood
16. A small book
17. A book recommended by another Reading Challenge participant
18. A book that includes something you find important
19. A book written by an author whose name includes a nature word
20. A book with a cover or title that makes you feel good
21. A book where a dream or goal is achieved
22. A comic book or book about a superhero
23. A book with a cover that is mostly red or a title that includes the word red
24. A book published in 2022
25. A book recommended by library staff

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Printable version of the Reading Challenge

Pieni Helmet-lukuhaaste

Helmets lilla läsutmaning

Малый литературный вызов Helmet

Die Kleine Helmet Lese-Challenge

Text and choosing of the items: Marjukka Peltonen and Sini Katves, Espoo City Library;  Heli Haaro, Vanttila School and Henna Ylihärsilä