Lukulumo - a multilingual library service

Come to the library and listen and read fairy tales and easy to read books with the Lukulumo application! The Lukulumo collection features books appropriate for preschool and early elementary school age children: you can find series such as: Lukupalat easy reader series, Onni-poika picture books, Mikko Mallikas picture books as well as non-fiction books about nature. You can read the text in Finnish or Swedish and at the same time listen to the story in many other languages - ex. Estonian, Russian, Albanian or Somalian.

Lukulumo is available in every Espoo library. You can find the application on the tablets available to borrow. Ask about Lukulumo from the library info desk. The Lukulumo application is for in library use only.

What is Lukulumo? 

In the Lukulumo application, you can find over 520 Finnish language books, many of which you can listen to in over 50 different languages.

Supporting a child’s language development skills is one of the cornerstones of early childhood education. The Lukulumo application and its wide selection of books provides excellent opportunities for achieving it.

Using Lukulumo, multilingual children can develop their language skills, be it Finnish or their own native language(s). This helps in strengthening their cultural identity, as according to the principles of early childhood education.

Lukulumo's books have been carefully selected based on certain aspects, such as their literature and artistic values, their usefulness in aiding with early childhood education, their suitability for a specific age-group, and by the requests Lukulumo users. Different themes and questions in books encourage and inspire the joy of reading - both in children and adults alike.

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