The Helmet Reading Challenge 2018

The Helmet Reading Challenge inspires people to read something new for the fourth time.

The Helmet Reading Challenge 2018 is now the fourth time it has been arranged. It is a playful reading project where you get to choose something new to read from 50 different subjects all through 2018. Come explore literature with us!

Once again most of the subjects on the list have been chosen from suggestions made by previous reading challenge participants. It was pieced together by a group of library professionals who love to read. Some topical subjects from 2018 are represented on the list, but the goal has once again been to gather a varied and exciting list. We hope that all participants, old and new, find items that are fresh, fun and challenging for them.

If a list of 50 items feels too long, there is another option for you. The Helmet Reading Challenge for Young Readers has a new name this year and is now called The Little Helmet Reading Challenge. The list for The Little Helmet Reading Challenge is half the size of the main challenge. The Little Helmet Reading Challenge list is still created with children in mind. However, the subjects on the list were chosen primarily from the longer list so that it fits perfectly for both readers big and small who find a list of 50 subjects too long for them.

The aim of The Helmet Reading Challenge is to excite and surprise, and to give readers new perspectives. The Reading Challenge is an open invitation to reading for all and we hope you join us too!

Five key points to success for the reading challenge:

1. Anyone can join 

Even though the challenge is called Helmet Reading Challenge in reference to the Helmet Libraries, any readers who want to take the challenge are more than welcome to do so.

2. No-stress challenge 

When you take the reading challenge remember that it is intended to increase the joy of reading and not to increase stress. Therefore, read as many books as your personal time allows. Choose thin books or withdraw from the challenge in the middle of the year if you feel like it. Also, you don’t need to follow the order of the challenge subjects. You can choose any order suitable for you.

3. Free-style challenge 

Do you want to use the same book to check off more than one subject from the list? Perhaps a subject doesn’t inspire you and you’d like to skip it? You would prefer to read memoirs for most of the challenge subjects? You are free to do so! The goal of the Helmet Reading Challenge is to give you inspiration; you can make your own rules.

4. The shared joy of reading is multiplied

It’s fun to tackle the Reading Challenge with other people. Challenge your friends to join in or join the Helmet Reading Challenge Facebook group (discussions mostly in Finnish, but you can start one in English). There you can talk about the most wonderful, awful, or surprising book you read during the year.

5. Help is always available 

Having a hard time finding suitable books for the challenge subjects? Don’t worry, help is near! Go visit your library or check the reading challenge Facebook group. The library staff or other readers will help you. There are also many online resources available.

Have a great reading year 2018!

Helmet Reading Challenge 2018:

1. A book where someone moves to a new place
2. A book of poetry from your country 
3. A book that starts a series
4. The book title has a place in it
5. The book takes place in the decade you were born in
6.  The book has been published in more than one format 
7. The book takes place in a ficticious country or world 
8. A book written by a Baltic author 
9. The book cover has only one color 
10. A book chosen for you by a friend or family member 
11. A book that end well 
12. A graphic novel 
13. The book has just one or two characters 
14. The book takes place in two or more countries 
15. A book translated by an award winning translator 
16. A book where someone reads book 
17. A book about a social injustice 
18. A book about making movies 
19. A book about parenthood 
20. A memoir or a biography of an artist 
21. A book that takes you out of your comfort zone 
22. The book has references to popular culture 
23. The book includes a sea or an ocean 
24. A sad book 
25. A collection of short stories 
26. A book about a place you have not been to 
27. A book about a LGBT family or couple 
28. The book title has words in alphabetical order 
29. The book has a dragon in it 
30. The book is connected to the time of World War I 
31. Starting a book that slightly frightens you 
32. Someone goes to school or studies in the book 
33. A survival story 
34. Something is born or created in the book 
35. A book about a country that was part of the Eastern Bloc 
36. The book has a poem as an important part 
37. The author has the same name as a family member 
38. The book cover has a vehicle on it 
39. The book is written by an immigrant 
40. The book has a pet in it 
41. A book chosen at random 
42. The book title has an adjective in it 
43. A Finnish book that has been translated to another language
44. The book is connected to a game 
45. An award winning non-fiction book 
46. The book title is just one word 
47. The book is told from the perspective of a child 
48. A book in which I would like to be the protagonist 
49. A book published in 2018 
50. A book recommended by library personnel 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Printable version of the Reading Challenge.

Facebook group for the Helmet Reading Challenge (Discussions mostly in Finnish but you are free to ask for help also in English)

The 2018 Little Helmet Reading Challenge

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Written by Riikka Utriainen, Espoonlahti libraries
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash