The comfort of poetry in an exceptional time

When the world around us becomes strange, where the news floods us from a place that feels threatening and the familiar everyday life feels like just a distant dream, one can take comfort and connect with other people in literature, writing and especially poetry.

By reading and writing poems, it is possible to view or put into words one’s own feelings in a new way, or alternatively to break away from one’s own worries and enjoy the artistic experience. Poetry can also unite us if we write and recite poems together or we allow a stranger to write a poem for us. Here are some tips for poetry together and alone.

Virtual poetry kiosk

The pocket lyricists’ collective writes on March 31st. - 3.4.2020 virtual poems for those interested. You can give free rein to an anonymous poet, or make a request for a certain kind of poem. You can order a poem on a specific subject, tone or poem dimension! At the link you will find a form that allows you to order your own free poem:
See more information: Virtuaalinen runokioski Facebook

Corona Poems

How does a state of emergency during a pandemic feel? Could it be expressed in a poem? The Tikkurila Library Poetry Club challenges everyone to put the moods of this unusual time into a poetic form and share them on the poetry club's blog. You can also visit the blog comments to read poems written by others. Tiksin runoklubi Blog: Corona Poems

Finnish classic poems

Surprisingly relevant views can still be found today in the pen of writers who lived a hundred years ago. The home pages of Kotus have collected copyright-free Finnish classics, including poems by Uuno Kailas and Edith Södergran. See more: Classics of Finnish literature 

Kainuu's Eino Leino Society, on the other hand, has compiled Leino's poems suitable for different life situations. See more: Runoja eri elämäntilanteisiin

Children's poems read aloud

Children's poems are a celebration of language and imagination. Yle Areena has a collection of Hannele Huovi's children's poems read by the author herself. Listen to poems by Hannele Huovi

Teemu Kide from the Vantaa City Library has read aloud the rhymes of Tiitiäinen's fairy tale with the author's permission. Tiitiäinen's fairytale tree in Soundcloud

Poetry recipes and coded poems

Would you like to write a poem but don't know where to start? Would you like to build poems with children or child-minded people? Or would you like to bring new life to your own poem by coding? See the funny recipes for poems compiled by Marjukka Peltonen from the Tapiola Library and tips for poetry coding. Read the instructions: Koodaisitko runon?

Stage poetry online

If you’re more pulsated by personalized stories spoken out loud, stage poetry events could be your thing. Traditionally, stage poetry brings together poets and listeners under one roof, but during a coronavirus epidemic, it is also possible to recite poetry remotely. Helsinki Poetry Connection has already implemented its first open mic poems online, and you can watch the recordings on Facebook. Their Youtube channel also contains short but impressive poetry videos, e.g. Poetry Slam's Finnish Championships.Katso lisää: Helsinki Poetry Connection Youtube

Picture: Alvaro Serrano/ Unsplash