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Whether it is your work, studies or hobbies, the library provides unhurried and information search tailored to your needs on a subject you want to know more about. “A Chinese student was looking for material on Finnish universities in English,” Minna Simola from Library Apple explains. “Some questions can be a bit odd and funny, like do we tell the lottery numbers, where can I find a socket for my razor, where would I find photos of mammoths, can I leave my summer leave requests here,” Silene Lehto from Kallio Library reminisces.

At the library, let us guide you in using the computer, internet, social media or email, or in word processing, image editing and spreadsheet applications. With the equipment in the library, you can also transfer your old VHS videos into DVD format, and the staff will be there to help you.  You can also familiarise yourself with many new devices in the library and get help in using them. Book a professional and ask more.

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Online is where you get truly fast service. Submitting your question to one of the online services of the library, you get the reply as easily as if you had asked your friend. With congestion and traffic on the information superhighway soaring to dizzying heights, we need places with space for questions.

Ask a Librarian

In summer '79, a friend of mine often used to sing a song beginning something like this: “Kesäillan sylissä kun hänet kohtasin, tangon alkaessa kättäni tuo puristi.” I wonder if this information would help to find the songwriter and details on where to find the lyrics. This is what a customer asked in 1999, when the Ask a Librarian service was established. Today, scores of municipal and special libraries and information services around Finland use the service to answer your questions promptly.

Ask a Librarian

Helsinki City Library runs the, where you can send your questions on any subject.