FAQ - Library material

How may I leave acquisition proposals?

You can fill in an acquisition proposal form. Naturally, you are always welcome to leave requests directly to the library staff.

Why can't I find a new publication in Helmet?

Acquisitions of new material are often decided months in advance. You can find the material in Helmet online catalogue as soon as the material has been registered into the database. Our staff are also happy to check whether material has already been acquired. You can leave acquisition proposals online or directly with our staff.

Can I borrow material from closed storage?

Yes, the library staff will fetch the material you want. The material in closed depositories can also be reserved online in the same way as all other library material. A comprehensive book depository shared by all Helmet libraries resides in the Pasila Library. The Pasila Book Depository has a lot of culturally significant and often out of print material.

I can't find a work in Helmet catalogue. Can I reserve it from another library?

Yes, you can. Make the reservation in the library from which you wish to fetch your material. Please note, that interlibrary loans are liable to fees. See the fees here.

Is it possible to buy material from library shelves?

Unfortunately we are not open to offers concerning the material that is currently part of our collection. It is possible to buy material that has been removed from the collection. Material might be removed from the collection due to its age, poor condition, outdated contents, or low usage.

May I donate my books to library?

Yes, libraries accept material donations according to their needs. Libraries reserve the right to further channel the donations e.g. to recycling shelves from where customers can take books for themselves. Feel free to contact the library of your choice on the matter.