FAQ – online payment

Paying library fees online

Log in to the online payment network connection with your library card number and PIN-code. Once you have logged in you will see a list of unpaid fees from which you can choose the ones you would want to pay immediately. You can pay all the unpaid fees or only  the ones you have chosen. Once you pay the chosen fees you also accept the contractual provisions and prices. If you give your e-mail address when paying the fees, the confirmation will be sent to you e-mail. 

You can see the same fees also in your own account on Helmet-search. Once the fee has been paid, it is removed from your account.

Additional information on e-payments in the contractual provisions.

Supported web browsers

e-Payment application is supported by the following browsers:

  • IE 9 and newer
  • Firefox 5 and newer
  • Chrome 15 and newer
  • Safari 5.1 and newer
  • Opera 12 and newer


Which fees can be paid online?

You can pay almost all library fees online e.g. overdue fees and other general fees. You can also pay for damaged or lost items online. However, contact your nearest library first. Fees for books which are more than 60 days overdue cannot be paid online.

Are there other fees that cannot be paid online?

Loans that are in debt collection cannot be paid online. Debt collection agency is in charge of collecting these fees and therefore library cannot accept these payments.

Is there a minimum amount in online paying?

There is no minimum amount for payments in Visma payment service. However, your bank or credit card issuer may have a minimum.

How are library fees shown on my bank statement?

Visma is shown as the recipient of the fees on your bank statement and credit card invoice.

Why isn’t the confirmation shown in my e-mail?

Some e-mail softwares may interpret the confirmation as spam. You should therefore check all incoming e-mail files and allow the library to send the confirmation to your e-mail in the future.

Why can’t I pay the fees directly from my account in the Helmet-search and why do I have to log in again to pay the fees?

Library fees e-payment is possible only via online shopping application which is not a part of the Helmet-search. However, you log in to the online shopping application with your library card username and PIN-code and the information about the due payments will be retrieved from the Helmet-database.

Can I pay with Visa Electron?

You can pay with Visa Electron if the e-payment function is activated in your Visa Electron. In practice most Visa Electrons allow e-payments.

How can I make a debit payment?

If you have a payment card with credit/debit, you can make a debit payment by using the debit number located on the back side of the card, normally at the bottom. Debit CVV number is located at the end of the debit number and is 3-4 digits long. Please note that not all debit cards allow online payments.

What is the CVV number?

The CVV number is a 3-4 digit number on the back side of the card, on the end of the signature field.

I have paid online but the fee is still listed in my Helmet-account.

There might be some delay in the updating. If the problem continues, please contact the library.

What should I do in a fault situation and how can I give feedback concerning the e-payments?

You can send fault notices and feedback with the following form: http://www.helmet-kirjasto.fi/helmet-palaute/index_en.html. You can also contact your library: Libraries.