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Drawing Time

Hello everyone! Are you ready to pick up a pencil and draw? Some of you are and some of you aren’t. And that’s fine! I have your back! Here in my class it’s all about having fun, learning a few drawing magic tricks and socializing. My name is Vaidas and I am a long time illustrator and concept artist for film and games ( I have a few fun stories to tell trust me! ). I have a strong passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge. I want to get you interested in expressing yourself  with simple tools like pens and paper. To me drawing is still magic after so many years of doing it and I hope to bring a little bit of that magic into your life too.  Let’s draw together!

I invite everyone ages 9+ to join my “Drawing Time” class.  Drawing tools will be provided by the library.

Note: If you are 7 or 8 years old and really curious and want to join that’s fine too. Please come!

6.7. at 16:30-17:30

3.8. at 16:30-17:30

24.8. at 16:30-17:30

Entresse Library

8/24/2022 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Last updated 6/29/2022