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News in Easy Finnish

Are you studying Finnish? Join our language café called Selkouutiskahvit. We read and listen to current news in easy Finnish and discuss about them. Free coffee and tea served by the library.

We request that our clients follow our guidelines:

Entering is prohibited if you have symptoms of flu, or you have been exposed to COVID-19.

Avoid close contact with other customers. All customers have a seat. The seats are filled in the order of arrival.

Wash or disinfect your hands when entering, after using the bathroom, and when you leave.

We follow the guidance from The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in all our cleaning and hygiene.

Welcome! Tervetuloa!

Pikku Estradi (Entresse Library)

10/15/2020 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Last updated 8/19/2020