Entresse Exhibition wall

Entresse Exhibition wall is located close to the entrance.

Holding an exhibition is free of charge. The library reserves the right to decide to whom the exhibition time slots are granted. We aim to present different art forms in varied and versatile ways, e.g. photography, acrylics, watercolours. A contract is made of the use of exhibition space.

The terms of use:

  • The agreed upon space is given to the exhibitor free of charge.
  • The exhibitor does not have the right to use other spaces, materials, or equipment than those specified in the contract.
  • The exhibitors must themselves take care of all the arrangements such as installing and dismantling the exhibition, holding the opening and getting the insurances they might require.
  • The library is not responsible for the works exhibited in the library, and holding exhibitions must not cause any expenses to the library.
  • Only the library’s furniture is used in the exhibition. The exhibitors are obligated to protect the premises and furniture they are using. The exhibitors are liable for any damage caused by their staff, performers, or audience to the movable or immovable property of the administrator. The exhibitor is responsible for the equipment or property they have brought into the space.
  • Commercial exhibitions or exhibitions containing advertisements cannot be held in the library.
  • The exhibitors must uphold cleanliness and the appropriate use of the space. The space must be left in the same condition it was when it was received. The exhibitor will answer for any additional cleaning costs, if these are caused by the exhibitors’ activities.
  • Smoking and consuming alcohol is prohibited on the premises.
  • The exhibitor has no right to hand over the contract or the space to a third party without a consent from the administrator.
  • The exhibitor can cancel their reservation by informing the administrator in writing before the exhibition period.
  • The administrator can cancel the reservation only due to Force Majeure by informing the exhibitor in writing before the exhibition period.
Admission for the exhibition ends: The start of exhibition between:
By the end of February From May to August
By the end of June From September to Decembe
By the end of October From January to April

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