Karaoke now available at Entressen Library

Karaoke at Entressen Library

Jukeboksi at Entresse Library has the opportunity for you to sing karaoke. Karaoke is an easy and fun way to practice singing - alone or with a friend. The library offers a peaceful, inebriated and age-free place to enjoy singing.

You can book the karaoke equipment from Varaamo:  https://varaamo.espoo.fi/resources/avuy5e2sbzka  

There are good instructions how to use the equipment and our personnel will help if possible, if there is trouble using the equipment.
The song selection

You have access to a web-based Singa pro service of around 20,000 songs, both domestic and foreign.
The range is constantly expanding. You can explore the selection online: https://singa.com/songs.


Welcome to sing and enjoy good music!

Further information: marko.heikura@espoo.fi