A feedback box was the beginning...

My name is David Muñoz González, born in Madrid. I graduated in Business Administration and later decided to become a policeman in Madrid. So this dream having been reached lasted from 2004 to 2012, at which time a new dream began ...to start living in Finland with my family. The big question I for a long time asked myself was: What can I do in Finland? How can I contribute with something useful in this technological country with my indifference towards technologies?

For 6 months I remained at home, taking care of my little son while studying the Finnish language (by the way, terrifying!). And then, with my frequent visits to the Entresse Library in Espoon keskus it all starts ... in a mailbox of questions and suggestions.

I started to notice the large number of parents with their children who came every day to the library searching for books and activities. So with my experience of the care of my son, I thought it would be fun to offer my services voluntarily. I wanted to organize a joint sports activity for parents and their kids, for ages between 0-4 years and at the same time teaching them some basic Spanish.

So I raised my idea in that wonderful suggestion box and to my surprise, the response was immediate. I thought “Hoho! Response in the same day! This library is really efficient”. The next day I was invited to a meeting in Entresse.

Since that meeting I have just seen open doors in Entresse. February of 2013 was the beginning of Jumpataan Espanjaksi and since then we have not stopped dreaming with open eyes. This project was followed by others such as Personal Defense for women and girls, Goshindo for kids and adults, and finally Goshindo for the whole family What is then Goshindo? This is a fun, effective and innovative Martial Art born from the hand of the French Alain Sailly, combining the best of Judo, Karate, Aikido and Jujutsu among other martial disciplines.

The latest project and no less fun was my dear group HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL, where we met once a week to practice one of the most important languages in the world, Spanish. It was the 31th of December when I wrote these words, the year 2013 ended, and ending with it all my activities in Entresse Library: 34 weeks of Jumpataan espanjaksi, 12 weeks of Personal Defense for Women and girls, 27 weeks of Goshindo for kids and adults, 6 weeks of Goshindo for the whole family, 10 weeks of Hablamos español. Behind all those numbers there are lots of stories and funny experiences.

And right now I am experiencing a bittersweet feeling because when one door is shut now, a magical and unforgettable period of my life in Entresse Library, at the same time another door opened and was full of new challenges, dreams and surprises, the doors of the Mobile Library in Espoo.

I THANK all of those who have crossed my path, both co-workers as participants in different activities, for the support, for the friendship and understanding I have received, often linked with high doses of patience because of my terrible Finnish and my poor English. Most especially thanks to the magnificent Entresse Library, which is a place where anything and everything is possible. My best wishes to all of you!

David Munoz,
now from Espoon kirjastoauto

P.S. And here you can see how it is possible to practice Goshindo in the library!