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Christmas pandas

Family Day

Welcome to Entresse library
to spend a lovely, Christmassy Family Day
on Saturday, December 2nd

10.00–12.00 Kids' Short Films (Rated G, language Finnish)
10.00–15.00 3D printing: Christmas decorations
11.00–11.30 Satuhetki Talven ihmemaassa
11.30–12.00 Sagostund med jultema i vinterlandskapet
12.00–12.30 Musical play "Tiernapojat" (Star boys' procession)
12.00–14.00 Gingerbread decorating
13.00–16.00 Christmas hobby crafts
13.30–14.00 Satuhetki Talven ihmemaassa
14.00–15.00 Kids' Short Film (Rated G, language Finnish)

Everyone is welcome!

All programs are free of charge.

The library reserves the right to change the program.

Entresse Library

12/2/2017 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Last updated 11/22/2017