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Ääreen: In Someone Else’s Skin

What is it like to swim among a pod of dolphins?

The Kuutio space at Central Library Oodi will feature Toisen nahoissa. Syväluotaus – millaista on uida delfiiniparven keskellä? (‘In Someone Else’s Skin. Deep Sounding – What Is It Like to Swim Among a Pod of Dolphins?, 2021) an interactive animation work by Leena Pukki and Karoliina Paappa.

Part of the Ääreen project and supported by AVEK, the work will be on show 7–31 October on two walls of the Kuutio space. The animation is accompanied by an echolocation soundscape that can be felt physically in the body.

“Deep sounding is about dolphins and their sense of echolocation. The work seeks to translate a dolphin’s experience into a format that is perceivable and understandable to a human viewer. It is an immersive art experience designed to increase empathy,” say Leena Pukki and Karoliina Paappa.

The work is animated by Minna Salminen and implemented by Zach Laster. Sound design is by Toni Teivaala.

Leena Pukki and Karoliina Paappa have been working together since 2008. The overarching topic of their media artworks is the senses of animals. through which they explore empathy and the limits human senses. It is possible to understand how ultrasound works, even if we cannot hear it. Ultrasound helps dolphins know how dense an object is and what kind of material it consists of. Ultrasound rebounds differently from a stone than from another dolphin. If we asked a dolphin, how would it describe its environment?

Leena Pukki (b. 1984) is a visual artist interested in cultural hegemonies, interspecies relations, history, utopias, emotions and power relations. Her techniques range from media art to large-scale murals and installations. Pukki graduated from the MFA programme at the Aalto University School of Arts and Design in 2015 and from the Lahti Institute of Art in 2007.

Karoliina Paappa [b. 1983] is a visual artist specialising in photography and installation. She graduated as a visual artist from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 2012. In her work, Paappa explores the social and cultural conventions that affect the individual and society. She is interested in performative acts as a research method and their application as a healing method in filming situations.

Ääreen In brief:

The screening of animations by Aalto University students is part of the Ääreen documentary animation project. Ääreen is a project that showcases Finnish and international interactive, documentary animations. Running throughout October, the programme consists of exhibitions, screenings, discussions and interviews that bring together experts from a broad range of disciplines and offer multidisciplinary experiences for the public.
The project is a joint effort by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Oodi Central Library, Finnish Animation Guild, Turku Animated Film Festival, Artists’ Association MUU, Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK), Aalto University, Danish ANIDOX forum, National Audiovisual Institute KAVI and the Finnish Documentary Guild. 

Kuutio (Helsinki Central Library Oodi)

10/7/2021 - 10/31/2021

Last updated 10/4/2021