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Documentaries on immigration

“Another’s Role”

Director: Mila Hanzina (Helsinki, Finland 2019)

The main character of the film is a Russian actor Vladimir Ivanov who has moved to Finland with his wife and is trying to start a life in a new environment. As a creative person, he knows how to look at himself from aside and to evaluate and understand the actions of not only his loved ones but also the actions of his own. Having left Russia on the rise of his acting career, he has to give up the acting profession and earn a living with an uncreative low-paying job. He builds family relationships, sincerely trying to integrate and join the new environment. At some point Vladimir realizes that the problem is not so much in him but in the history of relations between Finland and Russia, which is reflected in his personal life. He wonders: “What's so bad that I'm a Russian?”

“The Star of Elyas"

Director: Mikhail Teplinsky (Kursk, Russia 2017)

The protagonist of the film is a Syrian artist Elyas Ayyub who lives in Moscow. In the film, he talks about how the war has changed his life and his relationship with creativity. The stars in the sky in his paintings are the souls of the heroes: the martyrs of the war who have stood on the way of the world’s evil. In his words, there is a wisdom of a simple man, which is stronger than any hatred, war and politics. He compassionates and empathizes not only the Syrians, but also the Russian militaries who died in Syria.

“Being a Syrian comes with a huge responsibility. It is the responsibility in front of the memory of the ancestors and all of the humanity”.

The new documentary of the 21st century is addressed primarily to a man, to his private story. The world is changing but how much does a person change with it? Does the emigration affect a person’s life? Can a creative person realize himself in a foreign country?

The films do not have any age restrictions.

Language of films is Russian, subtitles in English.

Total timing: 50 minutes

After the screenings there will be an open discussion. The audience is able to ask questions about the “Another’s Role” film from its director Mila Hanzina.

Kuutio, 2nd floor (Helsinki Central Library Oodi)

12/8/2019 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Last updated 11/23/2019