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Open lecture series: History of Finland

Professor Jason Lavery from Oklahoma State University presents a series of lectures, which will examine questions in Finnish history from prehistory to the present. The emphasis will be placed on the period after 1809. The lecture series is aimed for everyone interested in Finnish history. No previous studies other than the ability to follow lectures in English are expected. The series opens with an introduction lecture on the 7th of June. Come and learn more!

The lecture series is organized by the Helsinki Summer University.


June 7
Opening lecture: Introduction to History of Finland

June 11
Finlands Origins: Prehistoric and Historic

June 12
Finland as Part of the Swedish Realm (circa 1157 - 1809)

June 13
The Creation of Autonomous Finland (1809 - 1890)

June 14
This lecture is cancelled! 
Oppression, Independence and Civil War (1890 - 1918)

June 17
Finland between the World Wars (1918 - 1939)

June 18
Finland at War (1939 - 1945)

June 19
Finland during the Cold War (1944 - 1991)

June 20
European Finland in a Globalizing World

Maijansali, 1st floor (Helsinki Central Library Oodi)

6/14/2019 5:15 PM - 7:45 PM

Last updated 6/17/2019