Kitchen, Learning room 4

The small group kitchen for rent at Oodi is suitable for 10 people. The kitchen can be used for cooking together or having meetings. The space has thus far been used for recreational days, family gatherings and birthday parties. 

The kitchen is a rental space of 30 square metres with a kitchen island and two stove ovens.

The kitchen is equipped like a kitchen at home – this includes several pan and pot sets and baking equipment. You also have the use of a food mixer, blender, immersion blender and coffee machine.

You can view the detailed list of kitchen equipment here (in Finnish): Keittiön tarvikelista

The kitchen is equipped with a dining set for 12. There are ten barstools around the kitchen island. You can also book the adjacent group room 8 for dining. Please book at Varaamo. You can book group rooms free of charge.

If you need a movable display for your event please contact well in advance.

Use of the kitchen

- You are responsible for monitoring the kitchen area. If you leave the area for a longer period of time, you may ask the staff to lock the door.
- Remember to use the extractor hoods.
- Be careful not to let any liquid enter the wall socket on the island.

Clean the kitchen before you leave: you must fill the dishwasher and start it. The rest of the dishes can be washed by hand. Wipe surfaces and dispose of any rubbish.
Remember to take any leftover food with you from the fridge.

Please contact the staff if you have any problems. We will be glad to help!  

You can book the kitchen at Varaamo

More information about reservations

You can make a preliminary reservation for the facilities. Please remember to make your reservation no later than two weeks before your event. We will process the reservation within 10 weekdays. When your reservation has been accepted, you will be notified by email.

If necessary, you can cancel your reservation three weeks prior to the reserved time. Please notify us of the cancellation at Uncancelled reservations and reservations that were cancelled too late will be invoiced for.

More information about the prices

Price list:​

The facility is accessible:​