Oodi's group and work rooms during the summer

You can work and study at Oodi also during the summertime. Due to the epidemic we have reduced seating and extra cleaning at Oodi. Please make sure to maintain a safe distance at the library. You can find hand sanitizer on all three floors. 

Group- and workspaces

Group rooms have a maximum capacity in the summer of  4 to 10 people depending on the room. In the work spaces capacity is 1 to 3 people depending on the space.  This way we can guarantee enough safe space between people.
Please check the Varaamo website pages on each facility and the maximum visitor capacity. 

Please remember that you or your group can have only one valid  booking to the group- or workrooms  at any one time. 
You can make a new reservation only after using the booking. 

You can go straight  to the reserved  room without signing in. You can get Clickshare buttons for screensharing from the 2nd floor service desk. 

The group- and workspaces are unavailable on working days 12am to 1pm and 4pm to 5pm due to extra cleaning. On Saturday and Sunday they are unavailable from 2pm to 3pm. 

Other workspaces

The reading room at the 2nd floor South end is open. There is however extra cleaning in the space. Please give room to the cleaning staff when needed. 

There is more quiet work space at the work tables near the reading room. More electrical sockets are found at the stepped seating. 

You are welcome to enjoy small snacks at the library space.
Hot food however is found at the 1st floor restaurant Oodi. 

Internet access and work stations

The number of worstations has been reduced in order to have more space between visitors.  You can get items to clean the keyboard at the service desk. The computers on the 2nd floor can be reserved for 1 hour max.

The pop-in  workstations on the 1st floor are 30 min at a time and cannot be reserved. You can print on all workstations. 

There is also a wifi that is open for all called Stadinetti.