Oodi's group rooms' user rules

By reserving and using Helsinki Central Library Oodi’s facilities, you agree to follow these user rules. These rules apply to the group rooms on Oodi's second floor. You can book them through Varaamo.

1. The reserved facilities and any fixtures are available to the user during the time defined in the contract.
2. A reservation can be cancelled through Varaamo, if necessary.
3. The facility is intended for non-commercial activity. It is not intended for courses or events that charge an entrance or a participation fee.
4. Once the reserved time is up, the user must leave the facility in the same condition as it was at the start of their reservation.
5. The person who made the reservation is liable for any damage caused to the building or its property by the users of the facility. Any damage must be immediately reported to the library personnel.
6. Events held in the facility must not disrupt the other library operations or disturb the library’s customers and users.
7. The content or nature of the event held in the facility must not violate Finnish law or good conduct.
8. If necessary, the library has the right, at its discretion, to disallow the person who has made the reservation from entering the facilities or to interrupt an event held in the facilities, if it comes to light that the aforementioned rules are or have been violated.