Reserving Urban Workshop’s facilities and equipment

All the facilities and equipment on Oodi's second floor can be booked via Helsinki City reservation service Varaamo:

You'll need a Google account, a YLE account or a Facebook account to make a reservation. Read the description carefully before booking. You can book one room or device at a time.

Most of Oodi's second floor services can be used without a library card. A library card is required to use sewing machines, studios and game rooms. Media workstations can be used without a library card, but you need one to borrow for example a pen for the pen display. If you reserve a studio, you also need to present a valid photo ID upon arrival.

The Urban Workshop is a makerspace open for everyone. At the Urban Workshop we learn new skills through peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and experimentation. The idea of ​​the Urban Workshop is to offer not only a versatile selection of different devices and support for their use, but also a framework for learning together and sharing one's expertise with one another. Anyone is welcome to implement their small and big ideas in Oodi’s Urban Workshop!