Family reading

FAMILY READING - how to facilitate literature and promote reading to children and their adults

In May 2020 librarians from four Nordic countries were excited to learn that their libraries had secured funding from Nordplus to exchange know-ledge on good practices for facilitating literature and promoting reading to children and their adults. This guide to fellow librarians in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden is a short summery of some of the many good ideas for encouraging positive reading habits for families to ensure a future growth in pleasure reading that were exchanged between the participating libraries during the two-year long project.

Here are some ideas to inspire you to gift your child the joy of reading. The ideas are based on best practice examples to enhance family reading form libraries in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The methods are: Interactive Children’s Books, Book tasting, Visual Thinking Strategies and Dialogical Reading.

Read more information about these methods in the attached file: Parents guide