Herttoniemi Library's exhibition wall Kattilagalleria

Herttoniemi Library’s exhibition wall called Kattilagalleria is located at the back of the library hall by the event area of the library. 

Reserving the exhibition wall 

You can reserve the exhibition wall for one calendar month at a time starting from the first day of the month and ending on the last. The exhibition must be taken down by the last day of the month that the library is open. 
Reserving the exhibition wall is free of charge. The exhibition wall cannot be used as a venue for a commercial or promotional exhibition. 

Reservations will only be accepted for one year onwards. You can make an initial reservation request for any of the available months at varaamo.hel.fi. Requests will be processed within five business days. When your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email form the library. 

Exhibition contract will always be made for the exhibitions. The contract is a ready-made form template received from the library. The contract will hold the contact information of the organizer, information about the exhibition and the organizer’s signature. You can either come to the library to fill the contract, or if you prefer to fill it remotely, it can be sent by email. The library will be in touch with you closer to your time of reservation so we can agree on how to fill the contract. 

Setting up the exhibition 

There is a click rail on the exhibition wall which has hanging wires. There are adjustable hanging hooks for the hanging wires. You can have multiple hooks on one hanging wire to set up artwork on top of each other.

The excess wire hanging under the works needs to be coiled up and secured behind the works for safety reasons. The wall is located close to the children's area and the excess wire is hanging at around eye level for children. 

It is more secure and stable to hang pieces with two wires from each side rather than using a single wire per piece.
Organizer of the exhibition is in charge of setting it up and taking it down. The library has a ladder for you to use. 
The exhibition must be set up and taken down during library’s opening hours when there are staff at work. You can get up to date information on the library’s opening hours on Herttoniemi Library's web page at helmet.fi.

The only space available for you is the exhibition wall as the library doesn’t have e.g., display cases. You can’t attach anything to the walls (e.g., blue-tack or tape.) 
Next to the wall there is a small table you can use for a guest book or e.g., have information of your artwork. 
Size of the wall: 330cm x 290cm. 

Max weight limit on the hanging hooks is 7kg per hook. The click rail can hold weight up to 200kg. 

Opening event 

You can hold an opening event at the library’s premise. You should make an agreement with the staff well ahead of the time. 
If you want to serve sparkling beverages choose the alcohol-free beverages. Based on the Finnish alcohol legislation you can’t serve alcoholic beverages on the library’s premise. 
The library will give you instructions on how many people can attend the event. This will be based on the most recent official covid-19 instructions. 
You can make a reservation on the library’s meeting room for the opening event. This reservation is also made on Varaamo at varaamo.hel.fi. You can find the meeting room on Varaamo if you search for “Hertsin kirjasto kokoustila”. 

Advertising the exhibition

You can make a poster advertising the exhibition for the library’s notice board.

The library will publish the opening of the exhibition on the Herttoniemi library’s Facebook page:



Year 2022

January 2022 Hellen Halttunen: Intuition is the highest form of intelligence - akryylimaalauksia.

February 2022 Reserved.

March 2022 Sampo Mäkelä: Kaupunkiaiheisia akvarelleja.

April 2022 HelVi ry ja Vartiosaari-seura. Vartiosaaren monet kasvot - Valokuvia Vartiosaaresta.

May 2022 Soile Lehto: Maalauksia.

June 2022 Milka Honkanen: Akryyli- ja öljymaalauksia.

July 2022 Florencia Di Sanzo.

August 2022 Milja Kivi.

September 2022 Art Expo - Linda Parole.

October 2022 Saara Tani: Secret Garden.

November 2022 Liudmila Poletaeva: Lineaarisuus / Linearity.

December 2022 Saara Simonen: Mielenmaisemia.

Year 2023

January 2023 Anna Kuusisto.

February 2023 Rights of children and young people

March 2023 Reserved.

April 2023 Reserved.

May 2023 Reserved.

June 2023 Reserved.

July 2023 Reserved.

August 2023 Reserved.

September 2023 Reserved.

October 2023 Ilkka Iijalainen

November 2023 Katja Sonninen

December 2023 Reserved.

Year 2024

January 2024 Victoria Olonen

February 2024 Anna Kuusisto ja Jonna Luostari

March 2024 Milla Leskinen

April 2024 Minna Jokinen

May 2024 Reserved.

June 2024 Reserved.

July 2024 Reserved.

August 2024 Reserved.

September 2024 Reserved.

October 2024 Reserved.

November 2024 Reserved.

December 2024 Reserved.