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Welcome to BabyKino!

Iso Omena Library invites babies and their carers to the cinema.

The library’s youth center is transformed into a pop-up movie theatre once a month.


At BabyKino…

- the volume is turned down

- the lighting is soft

- the films are G-rated and suitable for all

- prams and buggies can be left at the Neuvola pram park

- there are baby changing facilities as well as a  tap for water and a microwave oven


Feel free to bring your own carry cot or car seat for your baby so they can nap during the movie.

The monthly movie titles will be announced in a newsletter, just send an e-mail to

Entrance is free, welcome!

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Iso Omena library

2/7/2018 10:30 AM - 12:45 PM

Last updated 1/27/2017