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We Guitar Duo: Ladies Project

Initiated by Yunjia Liu, "Ladies" Project consists of four contemporary solo guitar compositions: "Mermaid", "Fairy of the Snow", "Ophelia... a haunted sonata", and "Medusa". Each of the composition represents a woman character. The project is to explore the topic "What roles are ladies playing in the society nowadays?" The multidisciplinary approach includes visual art works by contemporary visual artist Alex Markwith commissioned for this project, as well as literature from "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare and guitar duo performance recited and played by Mikko Zibulski.

concert in other libraries

Entresse library Tue 23.8. at 10

Sello library Sat 27.8. at 11

Tapiola library Sat 27.8. at 14

Estradi (Iso Omena library)

8/25/2022 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Last updated 6/29/2022