Organizing an event

Bring your event to the library!

Want to organize an event at the Library? The premises can be booked free of charge for various lectures, workshops and other events. The events should be open to all, free of charge. Priority will be given to functional and community events. Feel free to share your own event idea and we'll help you make it happen. Make your resrvation here.

Reservation of premises

Contact us in good time, preferably six weeks before the event. This gives us enough time to prepare and market the event.

Tell us the name of the event, the content, the time, the performers and the contact person(s). Technical needs and space arrangements such as chairs, microphones, computer and TV screen must also be agreed upon at the time of booking.

You can book meeting rooms yourself at Varaamo Please note that events must be free of charge for participants.

Event promotion

When space is reserved, be sure to market your event. Advertise the event on your own networks and social media.

You can also suggest your event to magazines.

Helsingin Sanomat Menok

Media coverage of Southern Finland

In addition, the Library promotes open, free events on the Library's website and digital displays at its sole discretion. For advertising, we need a high-quality photo and a short introduction text. You can also send us an event poster that we will display in the library. Schedule your event to be advertised in the library well in advance of the event by email.

Instructions for the Event Organiser

According to the Library Act, all events must be open, non-discriminatory and free of charge. Commercial activities and business sales are prohibited. Political events are possible, but personal promotion of candidates at the event is prohibited. The Library may refuse to provide facilities at its sole discretion.

Description of events such on social media is allowed, according to rules set by the public space. Children under the age of 18 must have parental permission to appear in the photos / videos. If media representatives are present, please inform the Library Event Coordinator in advance.

Come early on the day of the event so you can get ready. The organizer / performer of the event must have appropriate permissions on the visual and audio material they present.

Announce any cancellations and other changes as soon as possible!

Please clean up after the event, thank you!

General rules for using the library’s reserved space:

The reserved space with its furniture shall be available to the reservation for the period specified in the contract. Any initial preparation and final cleaning should be included in the time allotted. The next reservation should be able to start when its own time begins.

The library cannot hold events that charge an entry or participation fee (regarding material costs).

The occupier is liable for any damage caused to the property by the occupants of the premises. Any damage must be reported immediately to the library staff.

The content or nature of the event cannot be in conflict with Finnish law or contrary to good practice.

If necessary and at its discretion, the Library has the right to deny access to the reservation space or to suspend the event.

Welcome to produce experiences at the Library!