Pick up of reserved materials has changed in Espoo city libraries

The way reserved materials are picked up has been updated in Espoo City Library. After the change your reservations will not be found with your name or alias, but instead with a reservation number which identifies the place of the material in the reservation shelf.

How will I find my reservations from now on?

Arriving reservations will be placed in the shelves in the order of identifying reservation number. You will find the number from the reservation notification specifying reservation shelf place if your notification is an email or a text message. The shelf place can also be seen from the Taskukirjasto mobile application. Unfortunatly for the time being the reservation number cannot be seen from helmet.fi or from a reservation notification that is a letter.

We send the reservation notifications from this e-mail address: varausilmoitukset@espoonkirjastot.fi

If you do not have the reservation number with you when picking up your reservations, you can check the number from the library self service lending machine as follows:

  1. Press the “View your reserved items” button at the lending machine display.
  2. Read the bar code of your library card.
  3. Enter your PIN code on the display or with the attached keyboard.
  4. The display will show you a list of your reservations awaiting pick up and their reservation numbers.
  5. Press the “Receipt” button on the display if you want a printout of the reservation numbers.

The reservation number has two parts, letter and a number (i.e. A 15). First find the shelf marked with the letter. There you will find the reservations in numerical order. Number signs within the shelves help you find the place of your reservation.

In the future all material will be placed at the same shelves, except video games, which will remain to be picked up from the staff at the service desk. Materials of institutions such as schools and kindergartens will be shelved separately from other reservations due to the large number of their reservations.

If you need assistance with finding your reservations, our staff will gladly help you.

Why the change?

This change is a part of larger update in logistical process of reservations. The amount of reservations in Helmet libraries has increased steadily at the rate of 20% per year. The new system makes it possible for us to proccess the increasing number of reservations quickly and reliably for library users. The change also increases information security of users as the name of the user is no longer visible in the reserved material in the shelves.