Printing will require payment starting from November the 24th

The Espoo City Library will gradually introduce printing fees. Fees were introduced at Iso Omena Library on November the 24th. At the same time an easier and more secure printing application will be put in use in the libraries. 

Printing will cost 0,20 euros per page and can be paid online or with a debit card. There is no option to pay in cash. However, printing is free when printing necessary forms for employment, social security and immigration. Additionally, children will not be charged for printing. Free printing is limited to 20 pages and can be only done during customer service hours. Photocopying will remain free. 

Reasons for these changes is are the personal security of customers and both economic and environmental reasons. Currently the amount of printing in the city libraries is immense, about 2,5 prints per year. The situation is unsustainable both economically and ecologically. Previous attempts by the libraries to instruct printing moderately have not had the desired effect. 

In addition, the current printing system endangers the privacy of printed personal information, such as personal identification number and medical records. Current system has a risk for identity thefts. The new system will release prints only when the customer themselves is at the printer ready to print. The new printing application also makes it possible to print from your own computers, smartphones and tablets. 

The library staff will give further instructions on how to print.