InMoov -robotin rakentaminen

InMoov humanoid robot under construction at the Iso Omena library

An InMoov humanoid robot is being built at Finland’s busiest library at the Iso Omena shopping centre. The robot is built in the library’s makerspace Paja by the library staff and customers – building together, learning together. This will be the first humanoid robot built collaboratively in a library.

The robot’s components are printed using the library’s 3D printers and put together in workshops where everyone is welcome. The construction of the human-sized robot involves plenty of things to do for persons with skills in different areas, hobbyists and everyone interested.

InMoov is an open source project designed by French sculptor Gael Langevin.

The project was launched in spring 2018. Everyone interested in programming, 3D printing and/or robotics is welcome to participate in any way that suits them. The participants may for example select a piece of the robot to work on with the library staff, using the library’s equipment.

We have already held workshops for the entire family where we have designed the robot’s looks, printed finger joints and programmed Lego robots.

The project is mentored by Olli Ohls, Robotics Lead at Futurice. Olli has built a similar robot and used the library’s equipment in some of the work phases. He also helped launch the project at the Iso Omena library.

Robot workshops will be held at Paja in the Iso Omena library on 28 February, 28 March, 25 April and 23 May at 18:00–19:30.

Admission free. We look forward to seeing you!

Pudi Kettunen
Chief Library Pedagogue
Iso Omena Library

Photo: Taru Liikanen, Library Pedagogue, Iso Omena library