Borrow a librarian

Whether work, study or hobby, the library offers easy and personalized information search services for any topic. You can also receive guidance and teaching for computer skills, the internet, social media and e-mail usage, text, images and spreadsheet help as well as library makerspace and music space assistance.

Borrow a librarian services offer one hour guidance and assistance designed especially for the topics you are interested in. We can help you on your own or on the library’s devices, so you can bring your own laptop with you if you choose.

Borrow a librarian service

Digital support

Would you like help or advice in using a computer, the internet, basic e-mail or with text, images or spreadsheets? You can also request instruction for using a mobile phone or the library’s e-library and e-services or even how to use Skype’s telecommunication software. Digital support can occur on your own or on the library’s devices.

You can also receive digital support from a distance. Read more here.

Library music rooms and spaces

We offer basic instruction on how to use the libraries’ music studios, for example how to use the studio devices, how to record using Logic Pro X software to record various sources of sound ja how to finalize a song. Please let us know if you need help or have questions regarding more advanced guidance.

Learn more about the libraries’ instruments, rooms and spaces.

Library makerspace

Librarians can assist you in the basic usage of makerspace devices and software.

Learn more about the libraries’ makerspaces.  

Literature, music or other information search

Do you need help with information relating to your work, studies or hobbies? You might have a question about finding information relating to literature, music, health, travel, genealogy. We can help you with your information search and teach you to select the material you need.

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If needed, you can complete your contact request by calling the library and library staff will fill out the form for you:

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Tapiola library 050 428 9392
Russian language library 043 825 7993

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