Koivukylä library will close for two weeks on October 28

Koivukylä library will move to temporary premises at Koivukeskus shopping mall in November. The library will be closed during the move, that is, from October 28 to November 10. We aim to open the new premises on November 11.   

The library’s one-story accessible premises in Koivukeskus amount to 411 m². When the library opens, the interior decoration will not be fully finished; furniture will be added in the last remaining months of the year. Karaoke groups, mini-cinema and organizations’ activities will continue on the old premises at least till the end of the year.   

Open also on Sundays  

After the move, Koivukylä library will be open also on Sundays, and four more hours will be added to Fridays’ opening hours.    

The new opening hours—possibly already as of November 11—are:   

  • Mon-Fri: 8:00-20:00   
  • Sat-Sun: 9:00-16:00  

Picking up reserved items during the move  

When the move begins, all reservations that have already arrived at Koivukylä library will be transferred to Tikkurila library for pick-up. You can change the pick-up place or freeze your reservations for the move, if they still remain open. During the freeze, the reservations progress in the queue as usual, but will be delivered only after the freeze has been removed. You cannot freeze a reservation, if it already waits for pick-up at the library, or if it is on its way from another library. Remember to remove the freeze, when it is no longer needed. You can make changes in your reservations by logging in your account on Helmet.fi.