Länsimäki library asked residents’ opinions

In September 2020, a year-long project called Multilingual and multicultural library began at Länsimäki library. The purpose of the project is to create a new operating model for Länsimäki library, which would promote residents’ integration, participation, and sense of community.  

We wanted to hear what Länsimäki residents want and need from their library and what ideas they have about developing the library. To answer the above questions, we conducted a survey that could be answered either online or by filling in a paper questionnaire. The survey was open to answers from October 20, 2020 to February 7, 2021, and people could answer in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian, Arabic, and Somali. We received over 80 answers. Thanks to all the respondents! Next, we will present the results of the survey.

Why is the library used? 

People come to the library by themselves and with their children to borrow, read, study, and hang out. The library is a lifeline for many respondents. In addition, it was deemed important that one could print and photocopy at the library.  

What was wished from the library? 

The wishes included, among other things, silence and calmness, workspaces, as well as good and versatile selection. Based on the wishes, we have already ordered more books for adults and children in various languages, Finnish-language textbooks, and books in plain language. Moreover, there is now more to read in the shelf for teens. Those who wished for workspace, we can recommend our library’s reading room, when it can be taken into use again.

The library was also wished to be a place of events and encounters. Events ranging from book nights to musical performances were requested. The respondents also wanted activities in their own mother tongues.

We have already tested a Finnish-language discussion club and we can arrange different kinds of events and clubs as soon as the coronavirus restrictions are reduced. Would you like to participate in arranging, for instance, city-block talks, a handicraft club, or card-game evenings? You can enroll as a volunteer by filling in the online enrollment form in Finnish (opens on a new tab) or by directly contacting Länsimäki library. 

Click here to read more about volunteer work at Vantaa libraries in Finnish (opens on a new tab)

We will tell more about what kinds of new services have arisen as part of the Multilingual and multicultural library began at library in the future.

Photo: Annasofia Kola-Hagelin, Vantaan kaupunginkirjasto