Learn Finnish at Länsimäki library

Länsimäki library has opened a Finnish-language study corner as part of the Multilingual and multicultural library project. One purpose of the project is to promote Länsimäki residents with immigrant backgrounds to learn the Finnish language, as well as to find ways with which the library can help language-learners.

The Learn Finnish corner is situated in the library’s reading room. The corner has shelves for plain-language literature and Finnish-language textbooks that are now available for borrowing to an increasing extent. Besides books to be borrowed, the study corner has books that can be used by the clients at the library; in other words, you cannot take these books home with you. These books are marked with the orange reference-library sticker. You can borrow other textbooks and plain-language books as usual. You can also read news on the Selkosanomat newspaper or play games —such as Alias— that support Finnish-language learning at the study corner.

In addition, the library now has Hublets, that is, tablet computers that can be borrowed. The Hublets have websites and games related to Finnish-language studies. You can also borrow a headset for the Hublet at the library’s service desk.

Contact the library staff if you need help in, for instance, borrowing a Hublet, choosing a textbook, or finding a specific book.