Author Tauno Yliruusi´s corner in Lippulaiva Library

The writer Tauno Yliruusi's corner has moved to Lippulaiva Library. In 2014, the City Library received Yliruusi's writing materials from his family: his desk, typewriter, photos, posters and diplomas from his career. These items were used to create a memorial corner in Tapiola Library, which was inaugurated on Espoo Day, 30 August 2014.

Due to the reorganisation of Tapiola Library, we decided to move the corner to the new Lippulaiva Library, where it fits in well with the retro décor. You are welcome to come and have a look! 

Tauno Yliruusi (1927-1994) was once a very prolific writer from Espoo. He mainly wrote plays. His works were also known abroad.

Espoo City Library has a long-standing partnership with the Tauno Yliruusi Foundation, which has supported many writing and art competitions organised by the library. 

About Tauno Yliruusi in Kirjasampo (in Finnish)