Call a librarian for help with the call button

The large Espoo libraries (Entresse, Iso Omena, Lippulaiva, Tapiola and Sello) have introduced a call button for customers. When a customer wants help from a librarian, they can press the button and a librarian will come to help. The librarian will receive a notification on a library tablet that a customer has pressed the button.

The call button is helpful because the librarians are able to help customers faster and means that they do not need to be waiting at the info desk.

In most librarians, the call button can be found in the lobby, makerspace as well as near the library collection. The call buttons are orange in color and can be accessed even by wheelchair users.

By changing the language of the call button, you can call for a librarian who speaks your chosen language. It is also helpful if there is a long line in one area of the library when customers need help elsewhere in the building. 

Try it out next time you are in the library!