Espoo residents shared their dreams about Lippulaiva library

At the end of 2020, Espoo city library asked residents of Espoo, especially the residents of Espoonlahti area what are their ideas and dreams for the upcoming Lippulaiva library. There were nearly 200 answers and in several languages.

The vision for Lippulaiva library is a library which feels like another world within the shopping center. A library stemming from the participation of the residents and sustainable development.

It was good to see from the replies that the dreams of residents reflect similar hopes. The themes of the dreams were different unique moods, environments, and experiences. The significance of local nature, the sea, forests and birds also are a common theme.

Compared to earlier questionnaires, the replies also demonstrate a changing approach to the expanding services of libraries. More than before, the replies took into account the needs of other, diverse library users in addition to personal needs. “These wishes paint a beautiful picture of a library where people searching for different things find their own comfortable corner or nook from the library” comments Jaana Tyrni, director of Espoo library services.

Most of the replies were in Finnish, and you can download a Finnish compilation of replies from the following link: Asukkaiden unelmia Powerpoint.

Based on these dreams, the work on Lippulaiva library continues. Even though the covid situation does not allow arranging physical events, the library is exploring remote means to continue work on Lippulaiva library with the residents.