Vision of the Lippulaiva Library

Vision of the City Library

The library has a wide-ranging impact.
The library’s operations are guided by the principles of ducation and participation in social dialogue.


For compassion

Social functions of the library 

1. Enabling inclusion and active citizenship
2. Promoting reading skills
3. Implementation of sustainable development


The Lippulaiva Library is...

A collaborative effort


A collaborative effort 

• planned and created together with local residents, communities and library staff

• residents feel included in the process, and the library is important to them

• people want to participate in the planning and organising of activities

• backed by a strong network of different sectors and actors

• creates inclusion and a sense of community in a positive way – everyday encounters

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• an environment that stirs emotions

• culture, art and local identity are present

• unique, distinctive and surprising

• fascinating and layered

• the library is its own world within the shopping centre


• a cosy and warm atmosphere

• everyone feels welcome

• active presence of staff and personal encounters with visitors

• third space in addition to home and place of work/study

• planned especially from the perspective of all kinds of families



• environmentally, economically and socially sustainable

• designed and implemented in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and recycling

• environmental factors and sustainability have been taken into account in material and furniture choices and in space and service solutions

• flexible and adaptable facilities