You can access Lumo Library earlier than before

You can come to Lumo Library earlier than before. On August 11, we will begin a trial during which we will open our doors as early as 8 on weekday mornings. The library is available for self-service until 9 in the morning, when our employees will come to work.

The trial will not affect our opening hours on Saturdays when we serve, as usual, from 10 to 16. This trial will terminate at the end of December 2017.

During self-service hours, you can borrow and return items, use customer terminals, print, read magazines and books, or have a small meeting.

On the first morning of the trial, we will serve our visitors coffee from 8 to 9; thus it will be worth your while to come to Lumo Library at 8 in the morning on Friday, August 11.