Activity Bus VÄLKKY

Välkky is an event space for all residents of Espoo

Espoo activity bus Välkky will take part in developing new event culture in Espoo and support activities of various communities. Various NGOs, associations, schools and other groups may reserve Välkky to take part their event as an enjoyable space to join together. 

Välkky has been designed as a multimedia bus and will include iPads ‘(upon request), LED lights and a projector, with which to screen films or other videos. The bus interior can be altered to include furniture, such as a couch, bean bag or fluffy carpets. The bus comes with a professional driver, who can offer support with the bus technology. 

Välkky will drive to meet you and your event 

During the school year, Välkky will tour Espoo schools in the mornings. On any other time of the week, it can be found at various events. Over the years, Välkky has visited immigrant reception centres, local festivals and a Pride picnic. It has provided space for book talks, film screenings, puppet shows, story time yoga, shadow puppetry, karaoke, imaginary travel and escape rooms. Now Välkky awaits new event adventures. 

Välkky started in 2013 after being built on a body of a Volvo bus by Kiitokori. The interior and paint job were designed by students at Aalto University. The name “Välkky”, meaning “spark”, arose from community participation in Espoo.