Mobile library Helsinki

Mobile libraries Stara (for adults) and Skidi (for children)

Skidi and Stara provide library services in areas where there are no libraries. Experienced staff helps in information retrievals, give tips for new experiences, gives guidance on how to use library services and organizes all kinds of happenings (as well as stocks the buses with library items according to different themes). We also participate in events organized by other organizations.

Mobile library visits some stops twice a week. Mobile library operates on weekdays except during the summer recess and holidays, such as Christmas holidays, New Year etc. You can check any changes in the timetable from the website.


You can reserve any library item from HelMet-libraries and you can collect it from the mobile library. When you wish to collect reserved items from the mobile library, please indicate the name of the stop when making the reservation.

N.B! Mobile library “on shelf”-status may mean three locations: it can be located in Skidi, Stara or the mobile library center. Mobile library center is situated in the main library in Pasila. If you wish to have a particular book or other library item delivered to your mobile library stop, you can ring us between 9 am and 2,30 pm., and will bring the item with us.

Helsinki mobile library’s core facts & figures:

Mobile library was launched in 1966

Number of mobile libraries: Skidi for kids and Stara for adults

Mobile library stops: (for both altogether): 36

Visits (2013): 97 533

Overall collection (book, magazines, music etc.): circa 39 000

Loans (2013): 217 125

Equipment: check-in, check-out automaton and a retractable screen in Skidi.

Staff: 11

School visits: children’s mobile library visits 1-2 times in 20 school a month.

Kindergarten visits: children’s mobile library visit 48 kindergartens approximately once a month.

Mobile library Stara

Mobile library Stara was taken into service in 2003. It visits its stops from monday to thursday evenings offering library items to both adults and children. At the end of the week Stara has also morning stops at schools and kindergartens. It carries c. 3500 library items.

Mobile library Skidi

Mobile library Skidi was taken into service in 2014 and is presumably the only mobile library in the world decorated by Moomin characters. Helsinki City Library wanted to commemorate Helsinki born writer and artist Tove Jansson’s centenary jubilee with the mobile library Skidi’s Moomin illustrations.

Mobile library Skidi has a check-in and check-out automaton. Small-scale happenings can be arranged in the mobile library when the back of the vehicle can act as a seating area. Retractable screen can enhance the performances.

Mobile library Skidi visits schools and kindergartens during the weekdays. On a busy morning up to 700 library items are borrowed. The shelves that have been thus depleted will be replenished at the mobile library center during the day so that customers will have library items to borrow in the evening. Four days a week, children’s mobile library Skidi provides library services effectively also during the evenings.

Welcome to library!

Contact details:

Helsinki City Library

Mobile Library

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Phone: +358 (0)9 310 85002 (Monday-Friday, 10 am – 3 pm)