Borrow an energy consumption meter from the library

The energy consumption meter allows you to measure the electricity consumption of household appliances plugged in to the power point. These include household electronics, refrigerators and freezers, washing machines and tumble-dryers, even the entire home entertainment system.

You should also borrow an energy meter when you are considering replacing an old appliance. The meter also helps you decide whether you should replace an old refrigerator or freezer with one that consumes less electricity.

You can check the availability of energy consumption meters in the Helmet material search.

The loan period is two weeks. A valid Helmet library card is required for borrowing a meter. Meters cannot be reserved and they must be returned to the library from which they were borrowed. The package includes clear user instructions and information on how much different kinds of appliances consume electricity.

The energy consumption meter reveals unnecessary consumption – tips for measuring

  • In the case of appliances that are either on or off (e.g. cold appliances), the measurement period should last for a couple of days. The result can then be split into consumption per hour, for example.
  • In the case of appliances with a constant level of consumption, a momentary consumption measurement (e.g. television) will do.
  • You can only find out the consumption of fixed appliances such as stoves by calculating it.

Photo: Pixabay