Munkkiniemi library is slow

The world is becoming busier and busier – the pace of change, the abundance of information and entertainment, all the noise etc. create confusion and stress.  Munkkiniemi library has now decided to offer an oasis from all this, by adopting the ideology of slow, deliberate slowing down of the pace to produce a relaxing and calm environment. Such purposes and practices are certainly familiar, actually part of the tradition, in many libraries. The novelty lies in a more explicit and conscious awareness of this tradition and of the growing demand for such peaceful spaces.

Munkkiniemi library has always wished to promote calm and customized service, cosy and tranquil atmosphere, traditional “living room” milieu, collections and events profiled particularly for this library and its clientele. Ecological values have also been taken into consideration. Now all this forms the base of our slow ideology.

In this same spirit we have tried to enhance the library milieu with new house plants, old-style armchairs, a rocking chair, a coffee machine as well as park benches and plants in the library front yard. We have also improved the presentation and exhibition of our collections. What else would you like to propose for making this library even more slow, inspirational and inviting?

Come in, relax and explore! You are most welcome. Leave all the hurry and haste outside!