Self-service printing

Self-Service printing enhances user printing security and prevents inadvertently printed large print jobs. The self-service printing possibility is available both at home and in the library. Both options allow you to print 5 sheets in 3 months free-of-charge. The subsequent printouts cost €0.40 each. You can load credit for the additional printouts at the customer service point..

Printing from the library’s customer computer ASKO: log in with your library card number and PIN code. Please save the printable files from your USB stick or email to the ASKO computer and double-click them in order to open them in their native programs to print. After you've pressed "print" (you can lock your ASKO to continue working after printing) log in to the light-blue-screened printing station next to the actual printer - you'll get to choose which files you'd like to print.

If you'd like to print PDF files from your own device, please register to our service at

User Instructions

Self Service Printing enables printing of PDF and image files (jpeg, bmp, tiff) via email. Once registered with the service, users can email PDF or image attachments of their choice to for printing. The printout can then be retrieved from any one of the Helsinki City branch libraries that are a part of the Self Service Printing service.

  • Register at -> New User
  • You will receive a confirmation message to your email
  • Confirm your email address by following the link in the confirmation message. In the confirmation dialog, enter the username and password you registered
  • Send PDF- or image attachments to You will receive a notice in your email that your print job is queued and waiting to be released

Regardless of the printing method you can collect the documents from the printing station within 24 hours.